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SAD: Quiteria Kekana In Another Shocking Suicide Attempt

In showbiz, not all is glitz and glam. There are a lot of aspects in the creative industry that could debilitate one’s career moves, which might inspire suicidal thoughts or actions. Fashion designer extraordinaire, Quiteria Kekana recently survived yet another suicide attempt. The designer’s suicide attempts have now tallied up to an alarming six.
Speaking to Sunday Sun, Quitera spoke candidly about the various struggles that he is plagued by, especially in his line of work as a fashion designer. This includes his mounting debts and the lack of support from industry associates.

“I also tried to take my own life because I was depressed. I’ve been through hell and back. I’ve seen how evil our people really are,” he tells the publication. Two weeks ago, Quiteria was admitted to hospital after overdosing on a “combination of pills”. His unsatisfactory life had propelled him to want to take it away one more time. I only remember waking up in hospital with my mother next to me. I now have a renewed perspective and am on a path to reclaim my life”.The 36-year-old designer also shared that it was his brother, Thabang, who found him at his flat after his fourth suicide attempt and rushed him to the nearest hospital.

Speaking to Sunday Sun, Thabang said the following: “We’re helping him regain his life. We are keeping a close eye on him, so we visit him often to ensure that he is fine. Quiteria Kekana was one half of fashion powerhouse – Quiteria and George – a fashion duo that produced unique and visually appealing garments for some of our A -list celebrities. American Grammy award-winning musician, Beyonce Knowles – Carter is amongst some of the well-known stars who have clad themselves in a classic Quiteria and George number.
A new and exciting life awaits Quiteria Kekana.

“I found that the people I thought would be in my corner weren’t there, but because I have a second chance, I’m now employing other young men and training them to be fashion designers, so they too can have a chance to make it.” This fighting spirit within Quiteria is something to be admired. His talents know no bounds and the world is ready for all things Quiteria.