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Samthing Soweto finally opens up about his battle with depression

Samthing Soweto is the pioneering Amapiano vocalist who launched 1000 other male vocalists in the genre. In 2019 he gave fans his most prolific album to date Is’phithiphithi, which has had fans wondering when his next offering will be. But in recent months, the focus has been on everything else about the musician except his music. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Nodoli musician has revealed that he is battling with depression.

A look back on Samthing Soweto in recent months

Initially, Samthing Soweto returned properly to Twitter in February 2022 when he was teasing details about his much anticipated album return following the release of Is’phithiphithi back in 2019. He excited fans when he confirmed that he has been working on a new album in the three years since not delivering on new music. Fans were excited at the prospect of getting new music.

Samthing Soweto opens up about his battle with depression

For those not in the know, Samthing Soweto was part of the original formation of hit acapella group of the late 2000s into the 2010s The Soil. But due to internal drama, Samthing Soweto left the group just as they were about to become the legendary group they have since become.

He then attempted to create his own band called The Fridge, which arguably did not make any mark in the music industry. Then Samthing Soweto struck gold as an amapiano vocalist and his path to super stardom was paved. During the height of his popularity as this innovator within amapiano, Samthing Soweto was honest about needing to deal with his depressive states, which at the time seemed to be attached to poverty and the slump he faced following leaving The Soil. But as we have all come to learn, depression or depressive states are not linked to finances.

Fans rally behind Samthing Soweto after depression confession

Given that Samthing Soweto had teased a new album in February 2022, by March 2022, he was already teasing new music. He also revealed during this time that he does still face depressive states which leave him feeling despondent. But he then went on to affirm that it was the messages of support from his fans that kept him in high spirits.

Then came the image that went viral as fans were concerned about the health and mental state of their fave. Ever the people’s artist, Samthing Soweto confronted the matter head on, thanking his fans for their continued support and revealed that he was battling with personal issues he was not comfortable revealing.

But recently, he won over his fans’ support and hype when he revealed that sometimes he forgets just how great a musician he is. Fans wasted no time sharing the various viral and trending video clips of when Samthing Soweto proved why he is considered the pioneer of Amapiano male vocalists. Moreover, he shared a more recent picture revealing that he is coming back to himself, physically speaking as he does look better than he has in recent months.