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SASSA age qualification to be reduced to 15 years starting on this date

As of recent months, the South African Social Security Agency has been marred by controversy left right and centre with their funds running dry and, Bathabile Dlamini being asked to pay back the money…but what does that mean for the people who depend solely on it for putting food on the table and feeding with it?

A lot of movement has been happening of late with the sassa agency, with it approaching the court to seek legal assistance in recovering several millions from the Dlamini family as well as Virginia Patterson, and Lumka Oliphant. According to a few media news site it is understood that the mismanagement of funds comes from the fact that there are a lot of SASSA recipients and as a result, it makes it easier to swindle money under everyone’s nose- because the numbers are too many to do due diligence each time.

The government has put forward a proposal, that has left many residents of South Africa saddened and heartbroken. It is proposed that the legal age in which SASSA recipients should stop receiving money should be cut down from 18 to 15 years as of the 1st of July 2021.

“This decision was a very difficult one, and it pains us that it had to come to this. We understand that many families need this money but it is no longer sustainable for us to dish it out until 18 years of age.” said the SASSA spokesperson.

It is also said that the fact that many parents use this money to consume alcohol rather than using it appropriately, has been one of the fuelling factors behind this decision. We will bring you further developments as the day progresses as this is still a developing story and nothing is definite as of yet.