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Sassa dishes out these not so good news

Sassa has made a decision and it is based on the people who receive their R350 grants. Now it was said at the beginning of the Covid19 relief fund, for one to qualify for the funding they must unemployed with no kind of income or not receiving any kind of assistance

How do you cancel your income while you are not guaranteed that @ny NFSAS is gonna approve you. I am willing to cancel my emR350 if Im guaranteed for @my NFSAS.

its was explained however I think people should cancel their 350 grants application even if they already received it, so that they can qualify. Because my understanding is that you can’t receive two grants from government simultaneously.

We live in a place where the kids of multimillionaires are funded by by NFSAS because they found ways to circumvent the system. Yet someone that needs the R350 Sassa grant can’t get funding to study coz it’s one or the other. SA forces u to become morally bankrupt in order to survive.