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SASSA has issued a press release

SASSA has released a press status that relates to the youth regarding the COVID-19 grants. SASSA says that the youth account for 60% of COVID-19 applications and 5% of them hold tertiary qualifications. With the high unemployment rate majority have replied to the COVID grant to help them get by.

SASSA acknowledges that they have made great strides in their effort to alleviate poverty and can provide a lifeline to the most vulnerable in society through the COVID 19 SRD. The Grant was introduced to particularly target citizens of working age who are not accommodated in the social assistance safety net.

SASSA says,” according to the statistics approximately 60% of the people who apply for the SASSA SRD grant our youth. This correlates with the unemployment amongst youth which is about 63%, with all the applicants approximately 5% hold tertiary qualifications. The agency is concerned about the misreporting of these statistics released by the agency which indicated that youth holding qualifications account for 60% of R350 special grant applications. SASSA would like to put it on record that this information is factually incorrect.”

The agency is concerned about the high rate of unemployment amongst the youth and will remain committed to playing its part in fighting the scrouge of unemployment. SASSA says they have also made progress in paying the benefits anyone with inquiries is welcome to call the toll-free line at 0800 60 10 20.

With the high employment rate majority have relied on the COVID 19 grant it may be little but for some, it does cover up wherever possible what people need are jobs with the inflation the R350 starts to seem like nothing.