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SASSA To Address The R350 Unemployment Grant Beneficiaries Today At This Time And Platforms

The South African Social Security Agency has been struggling to process the unemployment grants for the month of March, the unemployed south Africans have been waiting forever to receive their grants. The department of social development has announced that today they’ll be having an interview in one of the south African media house which is the south African broadcasting corporation(SABC) on channel 404 and Newzroom Afrika at 19h20and 19h15 respectively .

This programme has started last year after the government implemented the national lockdown to curb the global pandemic novel coronavirus. The government had for seen that many people would lose their jobs and others such as self employed individuals wouldn’t be able to put the bread on the table due to the extremity of the level five lockdown, hence they introduced the unemployment grants for such individuals.

The grants were meant to last for three months but due to the fact that the national state was extended and the lockdown remained, the grants was as well extended in October and earlier this year, South Africa has been hit twice by the corona variants, that is last year towards winter season and late December, the fact that the country and the world in general are struggling to do away with the pandemic, keeps the need for the grants alive