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Sbahle Mpisane’s steamy confession

Sbahle is everyone’s favourite fitness bunnie and she constantly shows off her banging body. The socialite recently revealed what she does behind closed doors with her boyfriend and the Twitter streets were shook.

Answering an open question on twitter, Sbahle disclosed that her favourite sx position was the Skydive position, which she describes as the position “that makes you believe that you are in love”

Sbahle even went as far as hinting that she might drop a family friendly demonstration for those who were still confused after she shared the snaps

So as we wait for that Sbhale sx demo, we know it’s our job to keep you in the know. The sxual position is when the woman lays on her stomach with her arms raised above her head and legs wide open, the man will then stretch his body over yours and enter from behind. Sounds like a great sport doesn’t it?