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Scandal actor Sandile Mahlangu’s night life exposed!

Nessa Hashy is fixing the country and exposing all men who deem women to beneath them. Meeting the actor at a club, the duo hooks up for the night and all is well until Sandile goes MIA. Acting like a typical player, the actor ghosts Nessa and blocks her number. When she tries to slide into the actor‘s DM, all hell breaks loose as he insults the poor girl.

Taking to her social media, she posts their conversations on Twitter:
“Yeah so I met Sandile Mahlangu at a club and we hooked up then he ghosted me and blocks my number. So I decide to slide in his IG dm and this is the savage response I get,” she posts.

“Lol you are sad and all that energy you have pent up in your upset little fragile heart will be the reason why you stay beneath my shoe. You were not even worth this response. I just wanted to give you the news flash that you don’t matter.

Me knowing that you will read this and realise just how pathetic you are gives me all the joy. Heal. “Seen” my job here is done. Now I will block you and I will forget about your existence like you were a pimple,” Sandile replies.

Unimpressed, tweeps call out the actor who denies all allegations despite the proof on everyone’s timelines.

It’s not fake news if you actually said what you said. No matter what she had said to you can never be as vile as telling another HUMAN BEING that they’re beneath you, under your feet? We have no subhumans on this Earth, we are all equally human. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Others however believe it was the girl’s fault and was doing it all for clout as she does not post screenshots of her messages to Sandile.

You don’t know what she said to him how is he the bad guy but he was provoked? Entlik yall want people to be the bigger people maba sukelwe vhele she’s nothing if she felt she could disrespect other people THEN formulate lies off of that it’s very much pathetic.