Home Entertainment #Scandal: Boniswa goes down for murder, RIP Stevovo

#Scandal: Boniswa goes down for murder, RIP Stevovo

If it was not for greediness Stevovo would still be alive, Boniswa paid him and he kept asking for more from “Beautiful”. I am quite certain that had he knew what she is capable of, he would have not messed with her.

Boniswa does not care who gets hurt as long as her will is done, she killed Loyiso Chumani’s father and let her own son believe he has killed his father. She drugged Chumani and made it seem he is into drugs, she tried killing her daughter’s husband Romeo, the list is endless really these are only highlights.

He died a very beautiful death, caught in between a woman’s leg and at least there will be justice for his death and Boniswa can finally pay for her sins Stevovo had installed cameras at the hotel room without Boniswa’s knowledge so there is proof of her entering the room, killing stevovo and exiting the room.

She thought she had done a murder with no loose ends not knowing the guy was making a video so that he can have more leverage against her