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Reasons Behind Hungani Ndlovu’s Shocking Scandal Exit

According to an article published by Sunday World and according to sources close to the production, Hungani Ndlovu who played Romeo Medupe was unhappy with the way he was treated by the show and resigned because he felt that he deserved more. But that’s not the only reason he resigned, two of the Scandal’s fan-favorites; Ms. Masasa Mbangeni who played Thembeka Shezi, and Hungani Ndlovu butted heads a lot.

Sunday World reported that Ndlovu allegedly had a bust-up with colleague Masasa Mbangeni, who has also left the soapie.

Ndlovu knew that he was popular and brought in ratings and apparently wanted the same special treatment that Thembeka Shezi got on the show. The two actors are apparently demanding diva’s off-screen, their characters are similar and they’re as dramatic as the characters they portray.

Ndlovu might have been jealous of the special treatment Mbageni received by the production company and social media.

It wasn’t difficult for him to cut ties with the show because his wife also resigned from the show. Apparently, ETV’s number one soapie tried to salvage the situation and even offered him more benefits but it was too late.

When rumors of his resignation started going around in August the production company denied he was leaving because they didn’t want to lose viewers.

They hired his half-brother; Simo who is as clever and manipulative as him to try to save the show’s ratings but won’t hire another actor to replace him.

Marketing manager Makatseng Mokomoe confirmed Ndlovu resigned from the soapie, but said there was a possibility that he could come back someday. “Yes, he has resigned, but he won’t be replaced by anyone,” she said

Close sources say Hungani is termed as a diva after he became popular on the show.

According to Sunday World, another source said Ndlovu also felt that he was being targeted by some people in the production, and he just wanted to make things easy for them by resigning from the soapie.

When asked if he was leaving because of his rivalry with Mbangeni, Ndlovu denied the rumors and simply said he’s leaving because of personal reasons.

– IHarare