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Scandal:Mamba And Boniswa Will Get Married And He’ll Confess About Romeo

Xolile Medupe hasn’t been the same since her husband; Romeo Medupe disappeared and she’d do anything to have him back. The show is certainly boring with Hungani Ndlovu’s character and the fans want answers from the show who’ve been mum about his resignation.

According to the current storyline, Boniswa and Xolile are on a mission to finding Romeo who disappeared the day he went to Mamba’s house. Romeo’s half-brother; Simo is working together with Mamba to take the Newtonian hotel away from Romeo’s mother; Grace Medupe.

Xolile suggested that her mother; Boniswa must work as a maid at Mamba’s house so that she can do more digging and get to the truth.

Their plan is coming together because Mamba has developed feelings for her and is falling for her. This is after Mamba saw Boniswa wiping her breasts after she spilt herself with wine. Boniswa caught Mamba drooling for her.

The two are starting to spend more time together and Violetta’s wife doesn’t approve of it. She walked in on her husband; Mamba looking into Boniswa’s eyes.

Neli’s who was Mamba’s previous maid informed Xolile that she saw Romeo at Mamba’s house but didn’t see him leaving the house. The question on everyone’s lips is “where is Mamba keeping Romeo? It’s obvious that he knows Romeo’s whereabouts.

Boniswa will use Mamba’s feelings to her advantage, pretend she’s in love with him and get to the truth about Romeo’s whereabouts.

The plot twist; Boniswa might fall in-love with Mamba too. The two have been spending a lot of time together and Mamba will end up proposing marriage to Boniswa. She will agree to marry him and become his second wife for Romeo’s sake.

Violetta won’t give Mamba permission to take a second wife, however, when he finds out that she’s been sleeping with Simo, Violetta will be history.

Cindy Mahlangu who plays Violetta has rejoined The Queen which probably means she has left Scandal and Boniswa has won Mamba’s heart and found out the truth.