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SCREENSHOTS: Masechaba Accused Of Lying About JubJub [email protected] Her

After making a video exposing ex-lover Jub Jub, Amanda reached out to other victims of who suffered in the hands of this man to come out and report him. There has been a number of women who sent her messages, however, there are others who made it public.

Going to that MacG interview was not such a great move for him. Everything has been falling apart since the interview. The man had just regained popularity after serving time in prison for killing children in a drug race.

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Masechaba Khumalo, who has stepped away from the limelight, and is now a spokesperson to the Minister of Department of Sports, Arts and Culture, has too stepped forward and says she too was [email protected] by Jub Jub. She tweeted that, just like Amanda, she too was still a vlrgin, and he [email protected] her in his mother’s house.

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However, some have come forward on twitter, and they are saying they don’t believe Masechaba’s [email protected] story. They say this is because she is saying Jub Jub [email protected] her when she was still vlrgin, whereas she has previously came out before saying her step father [email protected] her when she was 9 years old. Check screenshots below: