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Secret Is Out! This Is What The Government Will Do With The Vaccine That is Expiring In South Africa

Ever since the news of the vaccine expiring sooner than expected came out, South Africans have been restless about the whole matter. There were many questions that we’re running through South Africans heads. Some of them are asking themselves what exactly is going to happen to the millions of Vaccines already paid for using South African money? While some want to know who will be getting injected with the vaccine that is expiring soon.
The answers to these questions were finally answered by the South African government on Tuesday the 9th of February. The information is given to the citizen shook them beyond measure as they never expected The Vaccines to be used at all. People are still trying to figure out if this is a plot to save all money or the government is just trying to save they are behind after such a big blunder with the procurement of the first batch of Vaccines.
According to the advice given by experts in the field of vaccines in the country, the South African government was told the following:
“Don’t throw away the one million AstraZeneca jabs. Give them to healthier people.”
This is what experts have advised the government to do with the more than a million vaccines that arrived in the country last week after they were found not to offer protection against mild to moderate disease caused by the dominant Covid-19 variant in SA.
Last week, the first batch of AstraZeneca vaccine from India arrived in SA amid renewed hope in the fight against Covid-19.
But a professor of vaccinology at Wits University Shabir Madhi said a vaccine trial by his team showed that up until the end of October, the vaccine presented potential and people who took a dose were 75% less likely to be infected.
It must be noted by every South African citizen that this is merely just a suggestion from South African experts to the current government. They believe that the country cannot waste all the money they have spent on The Vaccines by Simply throwing them away due to an early expiry date. The ones that might get injected with this soon to expire vaccine might have chances of fighting away the worst of the virus.
The next few weeks will be crucial to South Africa as more time cannot be wasted on discussion solutions because, with each passing day, the country gets closer to the expiry date of the vaccines. It is not known if the advice from the experts will be taken into consideration by South Africa’s health department, but it is likely to happen as more people get infected.
What is your take in the matter? Do you believe South Africa Should indeed give the vaccine to those that are more healthy?