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Secrets revealed on how she grant Bushiri a bail

I blame state prosecutors for failing to convince the Magistrate not to grant bail. She gave them two weeks and they could not counter the defense arguments. They presented not a single shred of credible evidence except for the passports that they confiscated anyway.

But they did try to convince her. They showed how Bushiris entered SA illegally, how they have fraudulent residence permits, how they were busy selling off some of their assets. Were these not indications enough they were planning to flee? What more convincing did she need?

Well within the Law after NPA put it to her that he got multiple passports, After the Minister of Home Affairs confirmed Bushiri got into the country using fraudulent visa?

I remember the day the bail was granted, telling my colleagues that I wish the magistrate was of a European descent. Because in this case I would not trust any black presiding officer as they could be members of the ECG.

Thandi was right by approving Bushiris’ bail. By paying bail the accused promises to come to court 4 future hearings of the case and agrees that if they do not return, the money paid as bail may be forfeited to the state. In turn, the accused is then released until the next date