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See How Much It Cost For Lerato Kganyago’s Hubby To Book FNB Stadium For Valentine’s Day!!

LEVELS!!: Lerato Kganyago’s husband Thami Ndlala splashes R1.4 million to book FNB Stadium for Valentine’s Day. A lot of people are upset that this man spending such amounts of money when there are a lot of poor people that he can give the money to, does someone who is probably starving right now and is looking at this news in disgust because they can see that people out there wasting money When he is starving.
Some people put on to social media to saver this means money is probably stolen from taxpayers, who can just come out and spend such exorbitant amount of menu for something that looks like nothing. A lot of people said that Valentine’s Day celebrations are overrated, and people should just save their money and invest in something else or feed the poor wife they don’t know what to do with it.
This is very true South African celebrities that they want loyalty from fans but they don’t do anything for them, some even said that this man is spending so much money probably has family members that are not as well off as him but he knows how to spoil the woman with such huge amounts of money.
Some have even said that this man must be wished that the woman has him under some kind of spell that has convinced him that this woman is very precious and deserves this frivolous displays of affection, should of poor people could have been fed with that 1.4 million rands that was just wasted on renting out the stadium.