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See the small house Ginimbi’s father lives while his late son lived in mansion

Many people were stunned to see Zimbabwe’s death as a communist and multi millionaire Genius Ginimbi Kadungure. Last Sunday, following a ghastly motor accident that slaughtered another three car occupants, the late millionare had been claimed to have been living the best time of his life.

The businessman of Zimbabwe died around 5 a.m. in the early hours of Sunday, returning from the birthday party of fitness funddi Moana before the miserable incident happened.

Tomorrow the graveyard operation starts with a whole white part of his house as he wishes. Friends should gather to take farewell to him and give him their last respect. On Saturday 15 November 2020 the burial will take place.

While the late millionaire father, Mr Anderson resides over this house his rich son lived in an exquisite lifestyle within his house. In addition, his eyebrows were elevated.

Many people asked unsuccessful questions as to why a son should permit a dad to live in such a home.

It is believed that before his death the son was not in good standing with his own father. Other quarters indicated that Mr. Anderson’s father may have chosen for a reason better known to him not to associate or eat with the riches of his son.

See Late Ginimbi, a manor house he lived and compare it with that of his father.

People claim it isn’t suitable for a millionaire’s father. The look at the dad often shows that he lives in a humble way.

Ginimbi did not include his dad or any father’s mansion or property which showed that there was something wrong.

Late Ginimbi claimed that his mansion would be transformed into a hotel until he passed over before his death.