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See Tshepiso Modise the leader of IPHC and his two beautiful wives

Tshepiso Modise is the eldest son of the late Comforter Glastonbury Modise of IPHC church. He was endorsed by his family to succeed his late father as the leader of the church. This comes after his father Glastonbury died after a short illness in 2016.Later on his younger brother Leonard Modise, turned against family resolution of putting his elder brother as the leader. He caused chaos which divided the church into three groups. The first group was Tsheposo’s supporters, the second group Leonard’s supporters and the third group was for Sandlana.

Tshepiso is currently leading one of the biggest IPHC church branches in Springs, Gauteng. While his younger brother is at the headquarters Silo. He took the baiton after his father’s untimely death in 2016.IPHC is known for promoting and accepting Polygamy.

Every year during Easter, September and December they hold the mass weddings where many couples are tying the knot in one ceremony. The church allow men to marry many women as they want. Tshepiso is married to two beautiful women, who are always standing behind him in everything. His two wives are very beautiful.

Besides being the leader of the big church Tshepiso is a gospel singer, he released an album in 2008 under record label CCP Record Company called Batshwarele which means forgive them’ ft Jerusalem youth. He recently lost his mother Mmapoloko Modise who passed away in 2020.