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See What She Said: After He Demolished The HOUSE She went back To Take Pics And Post Them On Social Media

Man trash Is Another Man Treasure. Your life can’t be compelled by the things that normally happen frequently but raising after you have been Fallen that what life requires to a person who means business for his / her life.

So the story It’s What It Is and there’s always be a two side of the story so we can’t Completely know the deep east of the story only the couple knows what happened between them, that led a man to DEMOLISHED the HOUSE He builds for his Girlfriend.

After the blesser build the mansion by the time she ended the relationship with this famous businessman he then demolished the house, but some called It witchcraft has been working behind the scene.

Her pics have been seen on Facebook, she went there to take pictures and post them revealing that women don’t love each other, Witchcraft Is not only Using “Muthi” Traditional Medicine only but your heart and action does. She strongly believes that what happened wasn’t supposed to happen but some women out there wished her all bad luck.