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See what was noticed on a Generations episode

“Acting” is a phenomenon that is associated with certain individuals portraying roles that are most of the time out if their personalities , comfort zones , and even real lives.

Certain elements such as prosthetics, make up , clothes and false exaggerations like caricatures are sometimes used to stretch out the intended message of that particular story.

But is an actress drinking from an empty plastic bottle still justified as acting.

“Lesedi” from Generations the legacy is a role portrayed by the beautiful Luyanda Mzazi , who is a South African born actress, presenter, MC and voice over artist.

Tuesday, 09 February 2021 , “Lesedi” was consuming air, basically.

Apparently, the reason why actors would not eat the food in front of them is because they are avoiding factors such as : ruined make up or staining their garments, well unbelievable but true.

Furthermore , saving money is one of the reasons why actors would end up drinking from empty cups , not touch the food in front of them and perpetuate the usage of fake food for certain scenes.