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Send me n#des or open your legs – Moja Love worker exposed for harassing woman looking for job

Twitter user, Aviwe Brandon, has alleged his friend has been s.e.xual harassed by a man who allegedly works for Moja Love.

Brandon took to social media on Monday and wrote: “I’m so mad at MojaLoveTv @ Umphakathi_Moja. My friend auditioned for the presenter search and got shortlisted by this man. If this is the way @MojaLoveTv of ‘opening up the industry’, it’s totally wrong.”

His post was accompanied by screenshots of a conversation between his friend and the man. In one of the messages the man, who is only identified  Nhlanhla, asks the victim if she is a straight-forward person and willing to take a risk.”Risk as in like – there was a job opportunity and you had two options: It’s either you have to bribe or sleep with the boss for it. Which one would you go for?”

To which the victim asks why she was shortlisted if she still has to do that.” That’s how the industry works but as long as it’s our secret,” the man responds.

Then the victim declines the offer. But this did not discourage the man as he goes on to offer the victim ‘a simple deal’ which was to send him n#des.

This thread attracted an outcry from the public, rights organizations, and media personalities.

Actress and media personality Rosie Motene asked Aviwe to send her the details so that an official complaint can be made to the broadcaster.

“Secondly, we can also give a list of respected talent agencies who could possibly represent her,” she wrote.

Another actress, Thembisa (Mdoda) Nxumalo thanked Aviwe for coming through for his friend. She wrote: “Thank God she has a friend like you. I’m proud of your friend for speaking out and not falling for this. I am so sorry she had to go through something like this and I hope she doesn’t believe that the entire industry is like this????.

The Independent Producers Organisation also promised to step in.

“Please let us know if you need help with the next steps. DM is open,” they wrote.

Social media user, [email protected] said this was a trend among men in the entertainment industry. “Men in the entertainment industry are pervs. A popular TV presenter was fired at SuperSport for this sort of nonsense of taking advantage of girls trying to work their way up in television,” he wrote.

The publication managed to speak to the victim but she refused to talk about it. “I don’t want to put Moja Love in a bad light so I’d rather not discuss it with the media” she said.

Moja Love TV issued an informal statement via Twitter, promising to investigate the matter. “We are in the process of identifying and taking action against this person who is a scammer and does not work for the channel. We call upon Moja LOVERS to report such matters by sending an email to [email protected],” the statement reads.

The head of the channel, Bokani Moya issued a formal statement warning the public of the job scam. “We are deeply perturbed by the increasingly frequent occurrences where individuals are posing as the channels’ employees and scamming the unsuspecting members of the public out of their hard-earned money or requesting s_xual favors by promising them employment on the channel. Members of the public are urged to be on the alert and report this criminal activity. The channel has instituted an investigation and all individuals involved in this scam will be held accountable,” the statement reads.

-daily sun