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SengKhathele: People Are Angry After Noticing This About Lerato That Happens Every Week

The thing about Seng’khathele is that we always have our eyes on a lot of things, what people wear, their reactions when finding out about secrets, the body language and other things.

We barely miss a thing, a lot of things have had us glued to the TV screen and we can always be sure that every show will be interesting. When it comes to the host of the show, Lerato Mvelase, she has been doing a great when it comes to presenting.

People have actually brought her name up a lot of times, they have mentioned how Lerato knows how to do her job, the right way. So, if everything was going just fine, then what went wrong?

Well, it turns out that viewers are always interested in seeing how Lerato dresses on the show, they talk about this after every episode, they are always keen to give their thoughts.

But there is something that they noticed a few episodes back and this has been happening, it was also noticed tonight. It may seem like Lerato’s dress sense has made some people angry a bit, remember, people have been asking about the person who is responsible for Lerato’s wardrobe.

People are not impressed at all, it almost seems like this is something that is done on purpose just to get people to react.

It really does not make any sense, there should be times when Lerato dresses nicely, there are those days, but not with Lerato, she just keeps on wearing bad clothes.

Now, this is according to some people, you have probably seen this too, some people do not talk about this, however, it does not mean that they do not see it. It could be that some people love Lerato so much that they will not say anything bad about her, that is expected.

But, the truth has to be in the open now, people even want the person who is responsible for Lerato’s wardrobe to be arrested. That is how real it has become, obviously, that seems like a joke, but there has to be something that is done about the way Lerato dresses.

Maybe someone else should just take over for a few episodes, Lerato has a great body, that is what we know, but she just needs someone who will know how to dress her.

Hopefully, this will happen sooner than later, we cannot keep on getting unwanted comments on Twitter every Friday, besides, Lerato is not the one to blame.