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Shady! Redi Tlhabi schools Pearl Thusi on how to conduct an interview

Pearl Thusi is a woman of many talents – she’s an actress, TV presenter and MC.

But one aspect she can improve is her interviewing skills – well, according to Redi Tlhabi anyway.

The talk show host was not impressed with how she handled her recent ‘Behind the Story’ interview with AKA.

Redi made her thoughts known after Twitter users noted that Pearl, who is a close friend of the rapper’s girlfriend DJ Zinhle, did not challenge AKA on some of comments he made in relation to his affair with Bonang Matheba.

Many thought the rapper did not really own up to his part in the cheating scandal.

AKA addressed tweets he made in 2018 about finding “rocks” in his bedroom, “the type of rocks you pull out the river”.

He did not mention Queen B’s name in the tweets, but many believed he was trying to suggest that she used muthi.

“For some reason I was felt this uncontrollable attraction and gravity. Like illogical, without reason,” he told Pearl while explaining the rock drama.

Tweeps were not impressed.

“AKA acted irresponsibly and abandoned his baby mama for his selfish desires. Now he’s blaming it on witchcraft,” one user wrote.


Redi replied to the tweet with a few observations of her own.

While she did not mention Pearl’s name, she was not a fan of how the “interviewer” conducted the interview.

“And the interviewer was enjoying it. You CAN in an interview, interrupt & ask tough questions like “Wait, are you really going to perpetuate harmful stereotypes and should YOU not take responsibility for the choices you made?”

“No need to giggle your way around harmful answers,” she replied.

One tweep warned Redi that the haters will give her flak for her comments, but Redi was not fazed.

“O rata drama wena. Who is coming for me and why should I care? Do “they” understand the microaggressions & gender stereotypes demonstrated in that convo? A bit like The Mad Woman In the Attic. Except this is real life,” she wrote.

Source: All4Women