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Shauwn Mkhize’s Daughter Sbahle Responds To Fans, Sets The Record Straight About The Viral Snake Video

Sbahle Mpisane has had to return out and answer rumors that her family is rich because they’re using sorcery. This come after author Jackie Phamotse went on Instagram Live and began a fiery conversation about wealthy celebrities who have acquired their wealth using dark magic. Although she didn’t name any names she talked about celebs who use snakes to realize wealth.

This conversation saw the recapitulation of an old video that was posted by fitness bunny Sbahle Mpisane. She had allegedly posted a video of an outsized snake on Instagram, alleged to are an anaconda. Many were cause believe that it had been accidental as she had deleted it a couple of minutes later.

Seeing that things were getting out of hand Sbahle took to her Instagram account and attempted to deflect the lies. It seems she saw a man showing off his pet snake and reshared the video on social media. She later deleted the video but not before people saw it and downloaded it. The video went viral with tweeps claiming that the snake belonged to Mamkhize which is how she need to be very rich.

Sbahle went on to tag the first owner of the video with alittle message for the haters.

Jackie then spoke about the present pandemic that we are faced with and the way it had negatively affected people and their jobs. She then acknowledged the exact same celebrities who complained about not working and not getting any income were ready to purchase luxury cars that cost millions. They were also ready to book themselves inexpensive hotels and trips but we are within the middle of an epidemic .

The author then proceeded to warn people to not accept what they’re being fed, and not want the items that they see, because they are doing not know what sacrifices those people had made to accumulate that “soft life.”