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She Did Not See It Coming: Zodwa Wabantu’s Painful Lesson

Five years ago, Zodwa Wabantu was not famous, the controversial star was living a quiet life and in a split second, her life completely changed.

In 2017, Zodwa was discovered at a nightclub when she was dancing holding a popular alcohol brand and since then, the dancer has managed to turn her fifteen minutes of fame into a thriving business and brand.

After getting co-signed by DJ Tira, Zodwa entered the world of mainstream entertainment and she quickly became one of the biggest acts in the country.

Since then, we have seen Zodwa dabble in acting, music, and even business and we are here for the glow up.

The starlet who has a reality show on Moja Love is known for dating men who are younger than her. Over the years, we have seen her date several young men and in her previous relationship, the controversial star claimed that her younger bae allegedly defrauded her during their relationship.

That situation did not deter Zodwa from finding love again, the dancer has moved on to another young guy and the pair has been together for a while. Taking to Instagram, Zodwa shared a hilarious video of herself smoking a blunt with her boyfriend.

The funniest part about the video is how she choked and said that she is too old to be doing things like this. Take a look at the hilarious video below:

A couple of months ago, Zodwa and her boyfriend were embroiled in drama after they allegedly had a fallout.

According to an article published by City Press, the couple got into a tiff after Zodwa gave money to her boyfriend for a night out. According to the article, the fight started when the boyfriend reportedly finished all the money he was given and could not afford an Uber back home.

Ricardo (Zodwa’s boyfriend) allegedly told the Uber driver that Zodwa would pay for his bill but she blatantly refused. It is then alleged that when she refused, Ricardo started slurring insults.

The publication then went on to add that he became forceful in his demands and that Zodwa allegedly got the police involved.”

“She came to the station asking police to help her as she was afraid that her boyfriend might physically harm her. So, the police went to her residential area and managed to calm the situation down. Later the boyfriend’s family was called and they apologized to Zodwa, telling her that he is not a violent person,” said a police officer to the publication at the time.

Zodwa and her bae’s relationship is not just riddled with drama, three months ago, the couple went and got tattoos with each other’s names to celebrate their budding romance.

Taking to social media, they both shared romantic messages about the love they have for one another. – ZAlebs