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She didn’t even make it home with her brand new Toyota Legend RS

What we see on our daily basis regarding car theft is hard to take in.

Yesterday we saw a lady posting photos with her Brand new Toyota Legend RS asking people to help her celebrate but unfortunately her celebration did not last that long.

Her parents didn’t even get the chance to see her car because she was Hijacked outside their gate. Even though her life has been spared but what happened to her is really painful.

The lady was told by one person on tweeter that she should enjoy it while it last because they are surely coming for her but people though this person was being jealous or trying to make fun.

Another tweep revealed that she is the 3rd person she has seen this week who posted a new car only to come back report hijacked/stolen. This tweep thinks we need to celebrate our material victories in Private. We tweet amongst darkness and criminals.

She is not the only one thinking the same as more people believe that there are people who are connected to thugs on Social media.