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She Died A Painful Death : 26 Years Old Woman Killed Months After Her Son Died, See What Happened

It’s indeed true when they say that one can never be sure of what tomorrow brings for them. This world is no longer a safe space for women as they are being killed almost everyday and you get to wonder what both children and women did as they are targeted the most. For as long as the justice system keeps on failing women their lives will always be at a risk and those responsible for this will forever get away with it and it’s really disturbing . Women are not supposed to live in fear as they wonder what could happen to them tomorrow.

Another woman was painfully killed in Capetown. A woman identified as Monique Cottle aged twenty six was painfully murdered on Friday. It is reported that Monique was standing outside her home talking to friends. It is reported that gangsters opened a firearm on them and shot her . She was the mother of the four years old boy who was killed due to gang violence last year in September. ” I ran to her, she was lying there. I had to close her eyes the same way we closed our son’s eyes months ago”, said her partner.

This must be the most heartbreaking and agonizing moment for her family as they were not ready to say goodbye to their loved one. Losing their daughter to this manner will forever be a pain to them. For as long as they live they will always remember the way their daughter was killed. Grief is not something that one can truly be prepared for and it always leave people depressed . Let it be known that we all have the right to live and no one is supposed to cut anyone’s life short. It’s wrong for both women and children to live in fear wondering what could happen to them.