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‘She has been with the President – Inno Morolong spills more on Tebogo Thobejane

It never rains but pours for Muvhango actress Tebogo Thobejane best known for her on-screen character Belinda on the SABC drama series. The famous social media influencer is trending after her friend Inno Morolong spilt her dirty laundry on an Instagram live.

We all thought they were friends for a moment, but Inno has it that she only played along with Tebogo Thobejane for connections. In the mix of things, their fallout comes after Tebogo takes out Inno’s substance in her friend’s presence, which doesn’t go well with her. To make matters worse, Inno has it that she even wanted to use pepper spray to bring her to order.

In the mix of things, Mzansi has been trying to connect the dots on what might be this substance. Many weighed into the comment sections and pointed out that it might be drugs or any illicit substances prohibited by the government. Inno let the cat out of the bag in her Instagram live rants and dropped several bombshells that left Mzansi awestruck. Here are some of the daring allegations dropped by Inno in the wake of her fallout with Tebogo Thobejane.

Inno revealed that Tebogo once embarrassed her in front of her boyfriend. The bubbly actress called out Inno as an old rag. She even revealed that Tebogo sleeps around with several men without protection and is jealous of Faith Nketsi’s big wins.

Inno dropped a daring secret that has got Mzansi talking. During her outburst live, she revealed that Tebogo has been with a president. Mzansi was more than puzzled and wondered who the president Inno was referring to? No doubt Tebogo has been winning big of late and has seen herself trending from her bagging body to her OnlyFans account.

To make matters worse, Inno even took a swipe on Tebogo’s love life and how she cashes in from everyone who asks to share a bed with her. Media personality Inno Morolong even took a swipe at Tebogo after she blew R1 million she got from one of her daddies.