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LISTEN: She told me she was pregnant with twins, where are they? Jub Jub’s mom Mama Jackie reveals shocking details

Jacqueline Maarohanye, aka Mama Jackie, has been making headlines after her son, Jub Jub, was accused by 4 different women of abuse.

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Tons of stories are emerging on social media from past students at the school. Maarohanye’s issues came to light after South African actress Amanda Du-Pont accused her son of abusing her but stated she was too afraid to come out and speak about it due to Mama Jackie’s power.

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Mama Jackie finally broke her silence about the allegations made by Amanda.

In a video, you can clearly hear her saying, “That girl Amanda Du Pont has forgotten that got into the show business because of Molemo ( Jub Jub). And secondly, how do you stay for two years in a relationship where you are getting abused.

Why didn’t you open a case if you were getting abused. Sue has forgotten that she can easily face me, she mustn’t go to media outlets. I want Amanda Du Pont to face me! I will tell her her business that when Molemo dumped her she called me that she is expecting twins. Where are the twins now?! She shouldn’t act innocent and clean… Why didn’t sue report the abuse and rape to her parents.?”

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