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“She’s A Bully” – Someone Dug Up DBN Gogo’s Old Tweets, And We’re Cringing

Earlier today DBN Gogo was dragging Twitter trolls for bullying following comments made on social media about her look at The Real Housewives of Lagos show launch on Thursday in Hyde Park. The AmaPiano Superstar DJ who’s been having a great start to the year in her career shared that she wished twitter users would withhold their negative comments regarding celebrities and that they should control their mouths.

The Twitter streets did not seem to take this confrontation easy, needless to say, her old tweets are brought back on the timeline.

The DJ and daughter of Minister Jeff Radebe does not have a clean background where Twitter is concerned. After telling Twitter to keep their negative opinions to themselves this morning, we wish she had.

Here’s a rundown of some of old DBN Gogo tweets that might make you cringe:

1. My helper is the most annoying thing in the world! I could karate chop her. Nxa! – 24, Jan 2012

2. UCT sucking up to my dad giving me space at the last minute. No thank u. 31 Jan 2011

3. Zuma, Ramaphosa, Buthelezi, Motlanthe, and most Cabinet Ministers lol. Just one bomb and it’s bye bye South African Government -16 Feb 2013

4. I’m not happy ngomcondo ka Pearl Thusi. 21 Jun 2015

5. Urg, I’m sure when Cassper [Nyovest] sits on the toilet, with [his] ponytail libuya neshlama. 13 Apr 2015

The Phuza Gogo hitmaker has grown to become a people’s person who interacts kindly with her fans and fellow colleagues but Twitter is not too forgiving too quickly, many users went on and shared their opinions and judgments about DBN Gogo.

Many said that DBN Gogo should not be telling Twitter users to keep negative opinions reserved when she had previously shared many negative opinions on how others dressed including Media personality Bonang Matheba.

A popular Twitter influencer, Chris Excel went as far as calling Mandisa Radebe a “Twitter bully veteran” with many other users agreeing and highlighting the peak of her negative Twitter era. Another tweep referred to DBN Gogo as the first Chris Excel before there ever was, while another one said that Slikk Talk does not compare to DBN Gogo’s savagery, and we all know that those are not compliments.

Another expressive opinion came from user, Mhayise_Sedane who said, “That Brown dash tweet by DBN gogo sent shivers down my spine. I will never attend any gig with that egotistical, privileged ANC baby beneficiary, insensitive being. If we could cancel a potential Miss South Africa based on her racist tweet. We don’t need this in our music.”

Another user educated the timeline on DBN Gogo’s family tree filled with well-connected and wealthy names. “Dbn Gogo is a child of Jeff Radebe and Bridget Motsepe. Jeff is related to Cyril, which makes Cyril Dbn Gogo’s uncle. Her mom is related to Patrice Motsepe, which makes Patrice Dbn Gogo’s uncle. There you have it”

As much as she is receiving a lot of backlash from these old tweets, other fans showed more empathy and support for the DJ, commended her for her evident growth, and urged users to be more kinder and understanding.

The popular DJ has since made her Twitter account at over 286K followers private.