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Shocking as Married man impregnates the helper of his side chick

Mjolo is not for the faint hearted because the scandals Mzansi see on social media are out of this world. A married man is trending after he impregnated his side chick’s helper. Many are shocked by what this man has done. This man has shown his women that he has no limits and is capable of anything.

The reactions on Twitter show that most are shocked by his actions. Many are applauding his actions and think nothing is wrong. Others mostly women condemn this behavior but expect it from men because they always mess up. Here are some of the comments from the public:

“He is a fertile Bull in the Kraal of cows on heat.”

“Husband without borders, the gift that keeps giving…”

“Nothing new, this has been happening for centuries”

“Real sniper that one. Salute”

“This guy got some stamina,, maybe he drank mpesu, Main chick, side chick plus a helper”

“Mara there is nothing wrong here. Is it because she is a helper perhaps? Side cheek must seat down. This is between the husband, wife and the main side cheek aka helper”

“The sons of Pharaoh have done it again”

“She’s a helper helping in things the side chick can’t do better or doesn’t have time for”

The helper did not respect her client and went on to sleep with her client’s man. As much most blame the guy, the helper is also to blame by letting the married man get what he wanted. Several times videos of men caught cheating flood social media. This just shows how people are and what they expect.

Some men can even attack married women although the consequences are really bad at times. This can be seen in videos posted by different people on social media.