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Shoprite’s mistakes may chase away loyal customers

Shoprite really needs to focus on how they handle their businesses, and their inventory before they get ditched or worse boycotted by their loyal customers as a result of their recklessness. Even though their mistakes are just minor mistakes, but they portray unprofessionalism about them.

According to Robert Rendy; a businessman, a dissatisfied client tells more than 15 people about your poor service, and your entity becomes famous for poor service, with that being said, entrepreneurs must pay attention to small things because those small things are the ones that keep customers coming.


Look at the following advertisement, they claimed that this chocolate is on special where you buy two, whereas it more expensive when you buy two. R11.99 each but take two for R26 “I know I want good in mathematics in school but something is wrong here” Said an influencer, Advovo.

People also shared their thoughts on this matter in the comment section “More expensive to buy 2” said a Twitter user who found this funny. Some people saying that Shoprite is not surprising anymore “Am not surprised it’s ShopRite they put wrong prove on their shelves” said a Twitter user.