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Should I Stop Going To Church? This Is What I Saw In The Bible That Made Me Cry

The Bible is a sacred book. It was utilized many years ago and fortunately it is becoming more and more important all over the world. Many people read the Bible every day only to learn more about God while others study the Bible to better their spiritual life. The Bible still has a lot to read and certain worries that make you cry.

From my point of view, I understand from this passage of the Bible.

1. Women may not be needed in meetings.

Women are also human and should be let to meet or arrange. You must have your opinion, since we also have a view. We don’t need to talk to our people. If you comprehend the verse of the Bible, let us know in the comment area.

2. Women should not speak in God’s house.

All this I’m ashamed of. As I said, my aunt and I believe in Christ and we adore the Bible. What are your reasons not to talk to the church?

3. Wives should give their husbands the opportunity to speak for them.

As we can’t talk in the Lord’s house, our husbands must talk for us. I have no husband, what ought I to do?

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