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Sibongile’s Attempts To Beat Her Man’s Side Chick Leaves SA In Stitches #UyaJola

Sunday night means another actions packed episode of Uya Jola 9/9 on Moja Love Channel 157 with Jub Jub trying to curb the cheating tendencies within the boarder of South Africa, so it was the case as he got yet another text from different people who happens to be complaining about the partners.

On the latest Sibongile Magula wrote to Uya Jola 9/9 because she has been suspicious of her husband for about five months.

“I need you guys to help me investigate my husband who sometimes does not sleep at home, the other day I called him and his phone was answered by a woman, I thought it was his sister, but I was wrong. He hardly comes home with money, since he got a job he started cheating. He is my everything, I have no parents, I love him, he is my everything since I have no parents,” she said.

During the confrontation, as they always do, they traced the guy and found him with the woman he is cheating with. They were walking hand in hand and the woman even hit Sibongile with what she had i her hands while the man Tries To run away from the scene only to be caught by the crew.

Sibongile did not want anything except beating up the man and only asking him. One question over and over again.

“Where do you think this place is,” she kept shouting while she tries to find a way through to her man to beat him.

When asked where was he going with the side chick, the man said they were going to buy shoes for the girlfriend.

He also asked his wife who told her about his whereabouts and Uya Jola 9/9 was in the house.