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Simple Steps To Make Your Own Love Potion For Your Lover

Considering so much fake love nowadays, a love potion can be a holy grail to many.

Called Isidliso, Mupfuhwira, Korobela or Black Magic in different languages.

It has always been known, by most people for decades that a love potion is the only medicine for real true love.

Unlike many other spells used out there, love potions often drug people into a kind of aphrodisiac-fuelled craze that subverts their freewill.

As toxic as it sounds, this spell is also used to unite families with intentions not to kill but to restore love and peace.

Save for one or two weird ways love portions are made, iHarare advises on these simple steps to make your own love potion for your lover.

Fridays are the best days to make love potions. Western and African cultures alike have claimed this is because Fridays are associated with a goddess of love.

One method close to home is the use of a lizard tail, crushed and mixed with herbs to feed your love – without their knowledge of course.

Baboon urine is the most common spell used. This is because a baboon only goes to one place to relieve itself. The rationale behind it is, a lover would only want to have sex with one person, at one point.

One common herb mixed with the above is the rhizome of a bulrush – the typical bulrush found in wetlands throughout Southern Africa.

The rhizome is first boiled for a few minutes and mixed with either a lizard tail or baboon urine.

Many drink the liquid on its own to transform themselves into lusty lovers.

Herbalists claim its useless to use all these spells without intentions said.

“I receive love”, “I welcome romance and good sex”, “May he be a Yes man”, or “Let him stay soft”, are just but a few examples you can proclaim to activate the spell.

Love potions should be used only for the good, with intentions not to kill but restore love and peace.