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Singer Busiswa Blasts The Fergusons For The Queen Vuyiswa’s R_pe Storyline

Singer Busiswa is not impressed with the current storyline on Mzansi Magic’s The Queen, which tackles gender based violence and se.xual abuse.

Busiswa has implored The Queen showrunners and writers to go back to the drawing board and do their homework on such issues, so they get their facts straight.

The Queen, which is run by the Fergusons, is currently tackling a ra. pe storyline, which saw female detective, Vuyiswa Maake being rap.ed by an unknown assailant.

Vuyiswa Maake, who is played by actress Zandile Msutwana was left traumatized by the whole ordeal and she is suffering from some form of PTSD, as she also tries to figure out who her assailant is.

However, Busiswa is not impressed with the storyline and has accused the the show of inaccurately portraying how how ra. pe victims feel after the traumatic ordeal.

Wrote Busiswa

“A senior female cop got r_ped after “letting go” ONCE: going out & leaving her gun at home. Now other victims in the community are pressuring her to attend (to) their cases PERSONALLY because she “knows how how it feels”… HHAYINI #TheQueenMzansi . Whoever wrote this is not a woman or victim,” .

“Try to get real stories to incorporate. Your disconnect to the issues is too obvious. No one is crying or talking or inspired or informed or moved by your storylines on r_pe & abuse.

Busiswa is a victim of gender based violence herself and has named and shamed both men for abusing her in the past, saying they abused her physically, emotionally and financially.

Busiswa has also slammed abuse and ra_pe apologists in the past, saying they will defend their actions to delusional ends.

Recently the Fergusons implied on social media that they had no time for haters and negative people.

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