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Singer Manqoba Khumalo falls on hard times, now selling CD’s in the street

THINGS aren’t going well for mbaqanga singer, Manqoba Khumalo.

They’re so bad he might end up begging in the streets if things don’t change.

Manqoba started the band Isikhumbuzo in 1997.

He spent his money on luxury cars, forgetting there were ups and downs in the music industry.

“I fell in love with a luxurious lifestyle after we released three albums: Kuyefana Nje in 1998, Sekwanele in 2009 and Umhuzuko in 2015.

“I failed to save money and opted to spend it on cars,” he said.

Manqoba said he bought a Jeep Cherokee and BMW 320 in 2014, and a Toyota GD6 in 2018.

“Showing off my money by buying luxury cars and being known for expensive clothes left me broke and poor,” he said.

But life is difficult for the singer and he’s facing serious financial challenges.

“I sold all my favourite cars because I was broke and failed to maintain them. I’ve lost over R500 000 in luxury cars,” he said.

Manqoba admitted he failed to manage his wealth and had no one to blame but himself.

He said he hoped to release a new album in June.

“I hope my fans will buy it. This will help me get me back on my feet,” he said.

He said it’s embarrassing for a prominent singer like him to be in the position he’s in.

“Life provided me with opportunities, but I played with them.

“The new album will be my second chance in life.

“I hope it does well. I survive by selling CDs in the streets.”