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Single And Mingle: Thato Gets Called Dom On National TV

We get to see interesting characters every week on Single And Mingle, it has become a norm to expect that and this comes after watching a lot of interesting episodes.

It is probably safe to say that there has not really been a boring episode of Single And Mingle, maybe there were a couple of those, but that is like only 20%.

And because the viewers always have something to say, they kind of make a boring episode to be less boring on Twitter. That is how a lot of the viewers watch the show now and apparently, this has been a thing for some time.

Maybe it is no surprise that the bachelorette, Thato ended being the topic, if we are to be honest with ourselves, a lot of the things that she said were just off.

And that makes one wonder if she even thinks before she says something because the things she mentioned led to someone people calling her “Dom”.

Now, when someone says that you are dom, they are basically saying that you find it hard to say things that make sense, it means that you are dumb.

This one person said that Thato was dom and she was just full of herself, it is not clear what other people think about the bachelorette, but they probably feel the same.

Thato said that she will not date an ugly guy and she does not date light skinned guys, this was not the only thing that she said, but people sure did point this out.

Knowing Twitter, that was expected, if you are a bit forward, they tend to come for you, it is like a way to humble you after the things you said on the show.

On the date, the bachelor, Musa probably felt like he was being shaded a bit by his date, Thato who just made it clear what kind of a person she does not want without even getting to know the guy.

This led to people asking how old Thato was because they probably felt like she was just too young and confused.

That could mean that she was not ready for what she said she wanted because she is still all about the teenage stuff, some might choose to disagree, but this is what a lot of people seemed to think about her.