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#SingleAndMingle: Mpho left Mzansi confused!!

There are those awkward moments on the show, that is expected, there is Mpho who had us confused a lot tonight, he was on a date with Mawande.

As you might have seen, both the episodes of Single And Mingle did not have that thing tonight, at this point, we can only hope that things will be different next week.

We just had to hope that things would be interesting as the time went, but nothing changed, some of us are starting to think that Single And Mingle is not doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing.

Besides the boredom, there is just something about Single And Mingle’s way of putting people together. It might have worked for Mpho at the end, but there was just something that was off, it is like Mawande only agreed to mingle with Mpho just to save him from the embarrassment.

Now, Mpho is a nice, even Mawande did mention that, it is just that the problem is with him agreeing to most of the things that Mawande was saying. If you were watching, then you were probably annoyed that he had the yes and no responses.

But, there is something that was probably the highlight for tonight, actually, for this week, there was a point during the date when Mawande asked Mpho if he was the type that gives women money and guess what Mpho said.

He said, “Yes”, now that did not even take time, he gave a quick response, it was a yes and he was done and the question came after Mawande mentioned that she was unemployed.

People must have felt sorry for Mpho, a girl asking you about money on the first date is a red flag, that should be a sign that things might get tricky for you and your finances.

Then, there was another concern, it seemed like Mpho is a reserved person, basically, he is very shy, he probably needed some time to open up more.

As for Mawande, she was going with the flow, it seemed like she was a bit too much for Mpho, people on Twitter were advising Mpho to avoid Mawande because he will get hurt.

However, that is one thing that we can never know, maybe Mawande is the person that Mpho has been waiting for, but it is interesting how Mawande got excited when the guy said she should not worry after she mentioned that she was not working.