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#SingleandMingle: People Confused To See This Lady Who Says She Is A domestic Worker Wearing LV Belt

It is normally assumed that just you can easily judge which career path a person is in, just by looking at the person. This is in terms of clothes, physique, how they talk (level of intelligence) and the likes.

People who don’t much when it comes to academics or general life stuff are usually assumed to be working not so important jobs, especially if you don’t wear fancy clothes and stuff.

It is usually assumed that they work as gardeners, cleaners and such. Little do some people know that these people can put go on decent outfits and be intellectual as well.

Which maybe the same reason a lot of people were surprised to hear this lady on this evenings of episode of single and mingle.

Saying that she is a domestic worker, that works in Sandton. The reason to them being surprised is not explained but we suspect that it might have to with the way that she is well put together.

And the Louis Vuitton belt might have something to do with it.