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#SingleAndMingle: People Immediately Noticed This About Nokuthula

How is it that there is always something interesting about Single And Mingle? This is back to back and it is probably because of the people who are chosen to be on the show, this time around, we got to meet single lady, Nokuthula.

And this was really more about her than it was about her date, Thabang, a lot of people were commenting about how she was just too much.

You probably have been watching Single And Mingle for quite some time now and the question is, is there any episode that was not dramatic? Probably not, and Nokuthula might have just taken things to another level, her personality stood out, that is one thing that a lot of people noticed.

But what was more interesting is how she decided to go and pose at a railway, now this is just way too dramatic.

She was sitting there and it was as if that was a norm for her, a lot of people who might decide to appear on Single And Mingle would probably not even go near a railway track.

And people might have brought this railway thing up because it is weird and it was as if she was not comfortable. There are stones on a railway track, why should anyone want to sit there and pretend like they are comfortable, it does not make sense.

However, Nokuthula did it anyway and she had Twitter say a whole lot of things, that was new, it has never been seen on Single And Mingle. In a way, she brought some uniqueness to the show, the railway part was the highlight of the show.

There are a lot of things that viewers wanted to know, she described the man that she wanted and people were just surprised by her description.

Now, this is one episode that will get people talking for some time and as for Nokuthula, she is still going to see a lot of her name, especially on Twitter. What do you think about this?