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Sjava Admits To Using Muthi

Sjava has opened up about his use of muthi, claiming that there’s nothing to be ashamed of as a black man.

Sjava’s hot streak looks set to continue in 2020 as he continues to enjoy the prime of his career. While he might have lost a few fans due to the breakup with Lady Zamar (and the drama that followed), his career is still undoubtedly on the up and many people want to know his secret. While we can’t exactly attribute his whole career to this, he did hint that his use of muthi has helped him along the way.

Directly translated into English, “Muthi” simply means “medicine” – although if we are to be specific, it refers to traditional medicines that can be used for a variety of purposes. Some use it to heal, others use it to understand, others still use it to change their lives and sadly, many others use it for malicious purposes. It is this last group who have given African traditional medicines a bad reputation and Sjava openly questioned that this week on social media.

It began when a tweep innocently asked what Sjava drinks, assuming that they were referring to the unseen beverages that the singer consumes while performing.


It came to many’s surprise when Sjava candidly replied by saying that he drinks Muthi:

The reply sparked a strong reaction on social media as many people questioned what possible reason Sjava could be drinking Muthi for. Once again, people’s negative connotations of traditional medicines shaped their view of Sjava’s choices:

Sjava was not willing to hide, however, and he hit back by not only proclaiming his proud usage of muthi, but by asking out loud what was so wrong with traditional medicines. He said:

“Why must it be an embarrassment or why must I hide that I use muti when I am a black person?”

The comments sparked an interesting discussion on social media as many people agreed that the view of muthi (which can also be used for witchcraft) had been tainted. Nonetheless, one thing we’ve learned about Sjava is that there’s very little chance he will do something just because somebody else told him to (or told him not to).

Do you endorse Sjava’s use of muthi?

– ZAlebs