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Sjava: “I wish I dated Lady Zamar”

Award-winning musician Sjava has been taking strides in the industry, over the years, he has been adamant about how fame has been detrimental to his relationship with his girlfriend.

First, it was Amanda Black, and now social media tweeps have speculated that the musician is currently dating hitmaker Lady Zamar after allegedly spotting the musicians in various social media videos together. Sjava has, however, slammed the claims in a recent interview with Move magazine.

“First of all, I wish I dated Lady Zamar. Secondly, I’m not married I don’t know where the story comes from…it is the same story that came out saying I am retiring in my music career, which is false. I am not going to entertain this madness.” he said.

A close source to the alleged couple revealed to the magazine: “They have been seeing each other for a couple of months now and by the look of things, it’s becoming serious, they just don’t want it to come out as yet”.

Do you think the two musicians are a couple?

Source: ZAlebs