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Sjava reflects on getting dumped because he’s ‘too old for this music thing’

Musician Sjava has once again reflected on the difficulties he faced while trying to break into the industry, including the toll the hustle took on his relationships.

The Abangani hitmaker took to Twitter recently to share how he was once in a relationship with a woman who was not happy about his constant touring and sacrifices for his career.

Sjava said she believed that he was wasting his time and making a fool of himself because he was too old.

He said he would jam Rick Ross’ single The Devil in a New Dress all day to deal.

“When my ex dumped me for going to a radio tour saying why am I wasting my time and making a fool of myself because I am too old this music thing won’t work, ‘This song right here The Devil in a New Dress’ is what kept me going had it on repeat for a month played it day and night.”

He refused to comment on who his ex was or what she thought of him now but did rule out one of his exes mentioned by fans.

Sjava has previously spoken about the other sacrifices he’s had to make to reach his dream, telling Kaya FM’s Bridget Masinga last year that he once performed at an event where only the cleaners gave him love.

“I remember I was doing one (show) when only the cleaners showed me love, two girls. One cleaner was from Bergville. I called her on stage and made her day,” he explained.

Sjava told TshisaLIVE last year that he didn’t mind the hurdles he had to face because he has always been about making music, not getting famous or trying to impress people.

“Fame comes and it can go and the secret for me is not to worry too much about it. If you think too much about what people think of you or what they expect, you end up losing a part of you. I never wanted to be famous, I just wanted to make music so I don’t really worry if they like it (the music) or not.”

Source: TimesLIVE