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SK Khoza’s father speaks out as he can’t find him – Reveals what Gogo Maweni really did to his son

Sthembiso “SK” Khoza‘s father told the publication he’s in Gauteng to find his son.

“Like everybody, else I’ve seen my son’s strange behaviour on social media,” he said.

“And when I find him, we’ll discuss the way forward!”

As a caring father, Stanley Khoza left his home in KZN and came to Gauteng to look for his son, SK, whose best known as Shaka on the popular soapie The Queen.

From the videos that have been making the rounds, SK is trying to fight with people using his karate skills, or is simply acting strangely.

In one video, he is raving and ranting while a friend tries to restrain him.

Stanley said SK isn’t at his place and he’s hoping his search will yield results.

Stanley has also accepted help from sangoma Mkhulu Nkunzebomvu.

The popular gobela said he offered his services to help the Khozas because he was trained as a karateka by SK’s dad.

“I’ve asked Stanley to bring SK to me so I can assist him free of charge,” said Nkunzebomvu.

Like many other izangoma and social media users, people have been accusing SK’s baby mama and sangoma Dr Maweni of being behind the actor’s strange behaviour.

He accused Maweni of allegedly having used muthi called izizwe namabutho.

He said this muthi was hard to get rid of.

“You burn it with charcoal and state whatever you want,” he said.

Nkunzebomvu also said a lot of women izangoma have a tendency of being emotional and use bad muthi to fight their battles.

“She should have filed for maintenance like other women but she chose to take the wrong route,” he said.

The publication spoke to Dr Maweni, who distanced herself from SK’s behaviour.

She said she’s a traditional doctor solely focused on healing people and empowering women.

“I wish the best for Mr Khoza in order to happily co-parent our beautiful child,” she said.