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#SkeemSaam fans are super excited that Alfios won the tender!

Skeem Saam fans are ecstatic that Alfios — the underdog — has emerged victorious in the fight for the Turf University food tender, after he was underestimated by his opponents who looked down on him due to his background.

Most people know how it feels to be counted out on account of how you look, how you speak, where you come from and how much money you have. That is why the Twitter streets couldn’t help but celebrate when Alfios (played by Teboho Modisane) snagged the much-coveted university food tender when everyone had counted him out.

Alfios worked hard on his presentation and business plan and knocked the socks off of the university’s tender-granting committee, who had no choice but to award his hard work with the tender after going through all the other applications.

Nobody but Alfie himself believed that he would actually win the tender and the people he competed against such as Melita and Meneer Magongwa didn’t even acknowledge his presence as a competitor in the game.

Alfios’ win left the whole community shook and those that underestimated him eating humble pie, but for #TeamAlfios on social media, they were left inspired!

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, Alfios showed us that,” an excited tweep said.

“I love how Skeem Saam is portraying the story of Alfios that you can be anything you want in life,” one tweep said.

“Alfios winning this tender will not only be victory to him but to all of us who are undermined because of our background,” said another tweep.

Here are some of the other reactions to Alfie’s win in memes:

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