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Skeem Saam Mokgadi Actress Reveals Why She Will Not Get Married

Actress Pebetsi Nolo Matlaila who plays the role of entertainment journalist Mokgadi Matloga on the SABC1 youth drama soapie Skeem Saam has revealed that she does not want to get married.

Pebetsi said that she does not want to get married at all due to the uncertainties of marriage. The vivacious actress revealed this in a live stream video on social media in which she said that she had reached that conclusion after talking to many married people.

The actress said that her boyfriend has constantly been asking her to marry him. However, she has been gently rebuffing his efforts because she is undecided about the institution of marriage due to the horror stories that she had been hearing from other women who are married.

Pebetsi went on to say that she grew up in a Christian home in which marriage was viewed as something necessary and beautiful.

Speaking in her live video, the Skeem Saam actress said,

I have been asking married people about the pleasures of marriage, and what goes into marriage, and how does marriage work and what kind of challenges do you find along the way, and is love enough to make a marriage work…but the responses I have been getting, especially from women…make me think twice about marriage.

Pebetsi’s role on Skeem Saam, where she plays Mokgadi may have contributed to her feeling conflicted about marriage as the character is in a dysfunctional marriage.

She has previously said that she does not like Mokgadi’s character because she is boring, irritating and spoilt with no knowledge of the meaning of marriage. Pebetsi also thinks that Mokgadi is too much in real life. She wrote,

” Don’t get me wrong I love playing Mokgadi on screen but in real life, aowa she is too much. In a nutshell Mokgadi and Nolo (Pebetsi) are two different people”.

Only time will tell if Pebetsi will change her views on marriage but we pray that she will have a change of heart and decide to tie the knot.

– Iharare