Home Entertainment Skeem Saam November Spoilers:Noah Confesses To Koloi,Mokgadi&Leeto Finally Divorce

Skeem Saam November Spoilers:Noah Confesses To Koloi,Mokgadi&Leeto Finally Divorce

The lobola talks will take a dreadful turn, leaving Tbose and Mapitsi distressed. The Magongwa’s are definitely playing dirty at these negotiations because they are still reeling from Mapitsi’s teenage pregnancy. They will probably charge Tbose a lot of money for ruining their daughter but the love birds will come over this.

In-fact Tbose will eventually put a ring on it this month, straight after his ex-fiance/girlfriend shows up in Turfloop. Mokgadi will also witness Tbose and his ex-fiance dining and get suspicious.

I wonder if Meikie told her to come back to town. She’s a monster-in-law and hates all her daughter’s in law.

P.S. Watch out for Mapitsi and Meikie’s first clash regarding Mapitsi’s engagement party!

The s_xual Harassment Case

Pretty’s conscience starts nibbling at her but MaNtuli won’t have it. Celia and Alfred are going to start questioning Nimza’s innocence this month… An ex-nemesis will save Pretty’s testimony at the hearing.

Noah’s Drunk Confession

It’s pens-down for Koloi, Clement and Noah and a tipsy Noah is going spill his dirty secrets about him and his grandmother to his friends. Koloi is going to take a step that will place Noah in muddy waters with the law.

We all know that secrets don’t stay hidden forever in soapville. It’s almost like Leeto prophesied this whole thing when he offered Noah his services and told him to confess. I wonder if he’ll still represent him when the truth gets out.

Mokgadi and Mary (Noah’s grandmother) are definitely going to pin this whole thing on alcohol because they are so protective over him that they can’t see that they are actually ruining him/his future by keeping this secret.

This will mean that Noah’s varsity plans might be delayed and he’ll probably spend some time behind bars.

P.S. Mokgadi will finally give in to the idea of getting a divorce towards the end of the month.