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#SkeemSaam angers millin of South Africans

The nation’s biggest television drama Skeem Saam has angered millions of South Africans last night after the SABC aired an older episode of the soapie. Many were left disappointed as they were anticipating last night’s episode following the drama from Friday. SABC 1 informed viewers that they could not air the episode due to technical errors.

The show has been trending on Twitter since last night and fans have been voicing their disappointment at how the SABC has handled things. Luckily for those who haven’t seen the latest episode – there’s a way in which they can go about it. Viu South Africa airs new episodes of Skeem Saam 30 minutes after they air on SABC 1 and viewers can watch free of charge.

Ever since Kwaito went on a quest to search for his biological father, a lot of things have gone into disarray. He lost his job after missing many days to take care of personal stuff. He also left his mother’s house to avoid his untruthful mother to find refuge at the Maputla’s only to find out that John Maputla is his father.

After the tests came back positive, Meikie Maputla struggled to deal with the fact that her husband isn’t who she thought he was. She couldn’t contain her emotions and pulled out her gun, shooting both Mantuli and Zamokuhle.

The show has been bringing us award-winning performances week in week out. Afrika Tsoai who plays John Maputla, Harriet Manamela who plays Meikie Maputla and Clement Maosa who plays Zamokuhle received praises from fans for their consistent performances.

One of the show’s stars Skhumbuzo, who plays Meneer Manaka, has been fighting the Covid-19 after contracting the virus.

“I tested for covid19 on Saturday the 26th, got my positive results the following day. Fortunately, I had been isolating ever since I started feeling sick on the 20th of June,” he said.

The radio DJ also informed his fans that he has been experiencing serious pain beyond measure and asked his followers to take care of themselves. Speaking about radio, one of the stars from Skeem Saam, Buhle Maseko, who plays Nimza bagged a radio gig in Limpopo.

“It’s been almost a month that my crazy self decided to pack my bags and head to another province without a solid plan. Not just any province though, but a province that is dear to my heart in so many ways (I’m still crazy like that though).” Shared the actor on social media.

Seeing that Skeem Saam is filmed in Johannesburg and a lot of the cast members are based there, many have been wondering if Maseko has left the show for good. He will be hosting the Urban Hot 40 Charts on weekends. “Fast forward. I’m officially part of Limpopo’s Hottest Frequency @capricornfm and the new presenter of the #CTMUrbanHot40. Do join me tomorrow from 10 am-2 pm as I bring you 40 of the hottest jams.”

Skeem Saam airs weekdays at 18h30 on SABC 1