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#SkeemSaam: Here is who Alfios is working for

For the most part of his Skeem Saam on screen career Alfios has been a loyal servent at Charles Khunutu’s tuck shop, he is one of the hubble characters on skeem Saam.

After the contract of a canteen at the University was put on market, every business person needed that opportunity to serve the students with good refreshments and food.

Alfios suddenly became one of those business minded people to run for the tender, to everyone’s amusement Alfios finally won the tender and he is now working at the University.

Melita the former holder of the tender became suspicious right away of whom Alfios is working for and has been stalking him for days with no luck.

Now it is clear that Alfred Magongwa is the employer of Alfios and has been working for him ever since, Magongwa used Alfios to run for the tender as so to not make it obvious that it was him as the University would have been accused of bias.

This became evident as on tonight’s show Nimrod told Magongwa to tell his wife Celia the whole truth about the tender at the University.