Home Entertainment #SkeemSaam : Pretty does not believe that Seakamela was her father

#SkeemSaam : Pretty does not believe that Seakamela was her father

Pretty is about to do something that will complicate things in her family and might stop Kwaito to build them a house, remember Kwaito does not want to do a DNA because her mother gave him permission to publish a book, so Kwaito finally decided to make a peace in her family, but pretty just decided to proceed doing a DNA test since she does not trust her mother after she was trying to convince Kwaito to stop doing them.

Pretty realised that her mother is hiding something from them, if it was fine, she wouldn’t stop them doing a DNA test because she knows that seakamela was their biological father,but because she knows what might happen that is why she trying to stop them.

Mantuli does not know what pretty is about to do after standing with her the moment she sees Kwaito with different samples of their family, but now she found them next to the bin and she is going to use them to do a DNA test, Kat wants to help her, because he went to Elizabeth for a favour and she agreed to help him.

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